Visit places like a local,
not a tourist

Get in touch with locals while traveling or meet travelers and expats at home

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Based on your language and location

Mityu is the unique guide and the best way to discover a place through its locals. A new way to make friends while traveling.

How it works

Switch from Local to Foreigner whether you're abroad or at home, meet your target

I'm at home I'm abroad

Examples of what you could do :

1. Meet people who understand you

Discuss with people who speak one of your languages. Local, travelers, expats and even compatriots. Make friends for future travels.

What languages do you speak?

Comorian English Serbian Arabic Hindi Korean Japanese French Spanish
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2. Join international events

Join events with local, travelers and expats around you. Create some also to share your passions and desires

What kind of events would you attend?

Play football Drink on a rooftop Have a tea Join Boat parties
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3. Find out what's going on around you

Need a good dinner around you? Just ask. There are plenty of locals and travelers like you to help you and answer in your language

What do you need? Choose something

Restaurant Cheap bar Skate shop Good photo spot French burgers Street art
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Here is an example of what you can do with mityu

You’re looking for ____________ and you should ______ with ______ speakers

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Become a local

Become a Local on Mityu and meet many foreigners

Make friends for your next trip

Practice and speak several languages

Discover and develop your knowledge about other cultures